The Global InfoCons Application Awarded a Diploma of Excellence for Innovation and Creativity under the aegis of World Intellectual Property Organization ( WIPO )

The InfoCons Global App has been awarded a Diploma of Excellence under the aegis of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and recognized as the only innovative solution that supports citizens as consumers with information on more than 3,000,000 food, cosmetics, electrical and household products and provides direct access to :

With the InfoCons app consumers can scan the QR code on the energy labels of household appliances and electronic devices (fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, TVs) to find out information such as: energy calculator, energy class, manufacturer, general information such as technical characteristics, comparison with other similar products, recycling and the possibility to make a complaint.

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2.By scanning the barcode of agri-food products, you have direct access on your mobile phone to:

– Instant display of information on agri-food product labels in the selected language

– The ingredients in the scanned product

– The number and type of food additives accompanied by an explicit description;

– Number and type of allergens found in the scanned product;

– Nutritional values (amount of salt, sugar and calories);

– Calculator in which you can enter the amount of product consumed to find out instantly the amount of salt and sugar, the number of calories and the sports activities required to burn calories (walking, running and cycling);

– Possibility to rate products from 1 to 5;

– Saving the scanned product in the “Saved Products” section, allowing consumers to create their own shopping list, daily/weekly menu, recipes, etc. From the “Saved Products” section, by simply ticking the products, consumers can find out the total number of food additives, the total amount of sugar and the total amount of salt. They can also share the ticked products that make up the shopping list, daily/weekly menu or recipes with family and friends.

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– Customise the app according to consumption preferences: maximum number of food additives and their type, maximum amount of salt, maximum amount of sugar, type of allergens and maximum amount of calories.

– Share scanned products with friends and family.

– Possibility to make a referral directly from the app by filling in a simple form with pre-defined fields. This way, if the consumer encounters problems with the scanned product, they can send a complaint directly from the InfoCons App.

  1. SOS – List of all useful and emergency numbers at local, national and international level with the possibility to select continent and country. After selection, useful and emergency numbers appear in English and the language of the country. SOS gathers numbers such as: Ambulance, Police, Consumer Protection, Fire Brigade, Border Police, Tourism, Public Health Departments, City Hall, Environment, Telecommunications etc.

For Romania, the InfoCons app displays real-time waiting times for road border crossings.

4.EU-wide rapid alerts for food and non-food products, updated daily. The section dedicated to rapid alerts provides information such as: countries concerned, degree of risk (from low, undetermined to serious), explicit product descriptions, types of alerts, images of products.

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In order to access all these facilities, it is necessary to quickly create an account using one of the following options:

– Email address

– Direct connection with Google

– Direct connection with Apple.

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