e212 Potassium Benzoate

Food additive in the category of chemical preservatives, naturally present in berries, mushrooms, cinnamon, cloves etc. For industrial use, it is obtained by chemical processes from toluene. Benzoic acid and benzoates are used as preservatives against yeasts and molds in acidig products. They are not very effective against bacteria and are inefficient in products with a pH higher than 5 (slightly acidic or neutral). Excessive doses give an exaggerated sour taste.
Benzoates are also used in combination with sorbates in products such as non-alcoholic flavored beverages (soft drinks), low alcohol beverages, liquid tea concentrates (used in dispensers), some preserved fruit and vegetable products, jams, jelies with low sugar content, olives and olive-based products, fish products, curstaceans, shrimps, molluscs, emulsified and non-emulsified sauces, spices, mustard, prepared salads, desserts based on non-heat-treated dairy products, for liquid egg preservation, dietetic foods for special medical purposes, liquid food supplements and chewing gum.
Once ingested, benzoic acid is absorbed in the digestive tract and later metabolized in the liver, resulting in hippuric acid, which is excreted by urine.

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