e320 Butylated Hydroxyanisole (Bha)

Food additive in the category of synthetic antioxidants, with the role of preventing fat rancidity. It is used individually or in combination with other butylates or gallates (E 310 – 312), in different animal or plant fats, as well as pastry mixtures, snacks, instant soups and broths, sauces, processed fruits, prepared cereals, nutritional supplements, spices, meat products, dehydrated potatoes, flavors and powdered milk for vending machines.
This additive has a definite carcinogenic effect in laboratory animals and is responsible for serious side effects in humans, among which are allergic reactions, cellular injuries, including DNA injuries, triggering gastric tumor processes etc, which is why stricter limitations of its use are expected in the European Union. It is recommended that food labels be read carefully.

Other additives

e953 Isomalt
Food additive with multiple functions. It is a natural product with anti-caking, thickening, emulsifying, glazing role and is a substance-support for other additives and sweeteners. Due to its high temperature stability, this sweetener is successfully used in heat-treated…
e955 Sucralose
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