e355 Adipic Acid

Food additive with acidity regulation, curing agent, loosening agent and flavoring functions. Adipates are also considered water, air and soil contaminants, derived from burning urban household wastes, from industrial waste water etc., and also have the disadvantage that they are very difficult to decompose. It is a chemical compound used in creams, fillings and icings for fine pastry and bakery products.

Other additives

e953 Isomalt
Food additive with multiple functions. It is a natural product with anti-caking, thickening, emulsifying, glazing role and is a substance-support for other additives and sweeteners. Due to its high temperature stability, this sweetener is successfully used in heat-treated…
e955 Sucralose
Food additive with sweetening role, obtained by chemical processes from regular sugar, being 600 times sweeter than sugar, very stable at any pH and at high temperatures, as well as over time, thus allowing its use in a…
e957 Thaumatin
Food additive with flavor enhancing and sweetening role. It is a natural product, obtained from the katemfe’s fruit seed husks of the Thaumatococcus daniellii shrub that grows in West Africa. As a sweetener, thaumatin is 2000 times sweeter…
Food additives